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The Science Behind Cephyra® Activated Oils™

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The Science Behind Cephyra® Activated Oils™

Cephyra® Activated Oils™ are produced with precision and powered by nature. Crafted with care and formulated for you, each step in creating Cephyra® Activated Oils™ has been informed by a deep appreciation for the properties of plants and what they can do.

The essential oils of botanicals carry in them a plant’s essence, thousands of naturally occurring compounds that each serve a particular purpose. For Cephyra® Activated Oils™, the most precious botanical compounds are terpenes, the naturally occurring scent molecules of plants. Front-of-mind in the formulation of our range, each botanical’s terpene profile is carefully considered in crafting each of our unique blends. In synergy with other naturally occurring compounds, these remarkable terpenes act together to produce an entourage effect that is greater than the sum of individual parts.

Our sub-critical COmethod of extraction preserves these precious plant properties for consumers’ maximum benefit. While traditional essential oil extraction methods compromise on precision and sacrifice many plant compounds, sub-critical CO2 extraction uses low temperature and low pressure to carefully extract the most delicate elements of botanicals. Without being lost, damaged, or deactivated, these precious molecules are retained and harnessed in Cephyra® Activated Oils™ for a rare and superior sensory experience.

The next evolution of essential oils, Cephyra® Activated Oils™ go one step further by being the first readily edible essential oil range. While traditional essential oils cannot be consumed, Cephyra® Activated Oils™ are precisely formulated to ensure their fitness for consumption. Complying with certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Cephyra® is committed to the highest standards of product safety, consistency, and quality. Our food-grade oils can be consumed on their own or with other foods for an immersive, fragrant experience. For tips and inspiration, see How do I use them? and Getting the most out of Cephyra® Activated Oils™.

If you’d like to learn more about the properties of plants, check out this helpful glossary by Alchemy Bioservices Academy.