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The Science Behind Cephyra® Activated Oils™

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The Science Behind
Cephyra® Activated Oils™

Cephyra® Activated Oils™ are crafted by carefully extracting the essence of botanicals, making them readily edible for you to enjoy...

Why Choose Cephyra®?

Cephyra® Activated Oils™ are made from the finest quality Australian and imported botanicals, responsibly sourced from pristine environments including the islands and highlands of Tasmania.

Relieve and Revive with Earth™

Earth™ is the perfect blend when you need some tender loving care or are looking to soothe and revitalise your senses...

Focus with Sun™

Sun™ brings your senses into focus with its bold and bright aroma...

Relax and Unwind with Sirius™

Sirius™ takes its name from the brightest star in the sky, to be enjoyed when relaxing and unwinding before bedtime...

Get a Boost with Venus™

Venus™ is a zesty blend, perfect to kick-start your day!


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