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The Science Behind Cephyra® Activated Oils™

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How do I use them?

Cephyra® Activated Oils™ have been carefully crafted for you to enjoy straight from the dropper or in combination with other foods.

To enjoy Cephyra® Activated Oils™ in their purest form, simply place 3-5 drops underneath your tongue. For a more immersive, fragrant experience, you can combine Cephyra® Activated Oils™ with warm beverages, such as teas, or a variety of sweet or savoury meals. Cephyra® Activated Oils™ also make a delicious addition to smoothies for a refreshing experience.

Whether straight from the dropper, or as part of a meal or beverage, we recommend taking no more than a total of 20 drops of Cephyra® Activated Oils™ per day.* If taking with a beverage, we recommend 3-5 drops per serve. If enjoying in a meal, add Cephyra® Activated Oils™ to taste. Staying within a total of 20 drops per day, you can mix and match any of the Cephyra® Activated Oils™ and/or combine them with other foods and beverages for exciting flavours.


*As with everything in life, balance in what we eat is important to keep our bodies happy – too much or too little of something is not ideal. As a potent botanical oil, we recommend consuming no more than 20 drops of Cephyra® Activated Oils™ per day to avoid any gastrointestinal complaints, drowsiness, or agitation from developing.