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Cephyra® Activated Oils™ – More than Aromatherapy

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, for medicinal and therapeutic purposes; for fragrance and cosmetics; and for flavouring of food. Most of us are familiar with essential oils in the context of aromatherapy or with their use in perfumes. Aromatherapy typically involves the inhalation of essential oils via diffusers or vaporisers, or the application of essential oils to the skin as in massage or reflexology. Essential oils in aromatherapy are believed to improve wellbeing and have been historically used for a range of purposes, including to ease aches and pains, manage digestive issues, improve energy, improve focus, increase resistance to seasonal illnesses, manage cravings and stress, and enhance relaxation and calm, particularly in terms of sleep and mood.

Cephyra® Activated Oils™ are the next evolution in essential oils and advance upon traditional essential oils in several important ways. As a brand of LeafCann®, a leading Australian medicinal cannabis and botanical extracts company, Cephyra® embodies the highest standards when it comes to product safety, consistency, quality, and value. Cephyra® Activated Oils™ have been designed by a team of leading Australian botanical experts and are produced under certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Each batch is tested to ensure both their consistency, safety, and shelf-life; while only the finest quality botanical ingredients are sourced, responsibly, for the formulation of our range. Our raw ingredients are, whenever possible, sourced from Australian suppliers; with many of the botanicals in our range grown in the islands and highlands of Tasmania, while the carrier oil is produced from beautiful Australian macadamia nuts, long known for their nutritious properties. Together, these pillars ensure the exceptional quality and value of Cephyra® Activated Oils™.

What makes Cephyra® Activated Oils™ unparalleled in the essential oil space is their edibility, with traditional essential oils unable to be consumed orally. Our method of extraction ensures the preservation of valuable plant properties that other producers forgo, which provides a rare and superior experience for Cephyra® consumers. The most precious of these plant properties is their naturally occurring aromatic, messenger molecules – known as terpenes. The powerhouse of Cephyra® Activated Oils™, terpenes are front-of-mind in the formulation of each of our unique oils. Terpenes are a natural product of plants, each comprising tens of thousands of naturally occurring compounds. These complex compounds give botanicals their scent and are responsible for the aroma and flavour of essential oils.

More fascinating still are the bioactive properties of terpenes, with research indicating that they may afford benefits to humans beyond aroma and flavour. In the plant kingdom, these bioactive effects are already known for their repair, protect, and signalling (messaging) functions. In crafting Cephyra® Activated Oils™, each botanical was carefully considered and selected for their terpene properties and role in the entourage effect. Terpenes and other valuable plant-based molecules contribute to the entourage effect of many herbal preparations and medicines, including medicinal cannabis, however the processing required to create a medicine often damages, reduces, or destroys naturally occurring terpenes, reducing the entourage effect.

Cephyra® Activated Oils™ are precisely and carefully formulated to ensure their safety as a food while delivering a powerful sensory experience. This experience starts the minute you open the bottle, with the instant effect of smelling and inhaling the aroma followed by the longer lasting benefits obtained through ingesting the oil, either directly under the tongue or by adding to your favourite tea, coffee, or smoothie. Powered by terpenes, the Cephyra® Activated Oils™ range is the perfect companion for other plant-based solutions, with each product designed to support and enhance your wellness and lifestyle goals.