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5 Natural Tips to Survive the Festive Season – Part 4 | Part 5

We all know that the festive season, with a host of public holidays, religious and secular celebrations, can be daunting, exhausting, and cause us to start the New Year feeling like we need a break from the holidays! For many of us, it can be a sad or lonely time, with the absence of loved ones standing out in stark-contrast to the constant stream of media images and shows about Christmas and family get-togethers. On top of that, we now have the added complexities and insecurities of the COVID-19 pandemic and its shifting landscape. 

Over my long career as a hypnotherapist, I’ve seen many people struggle with the weight of expectations, exhaustion, and grief, and have helped them get through the festive season, and all that it brings, with greater resilience and wellbeing with five simple tips. 

My Top 5 Self-Care Tips for Surviving the Festive Season 

  1. Maintain friendships and connection. 
  1. Prioritise your routine – especially, sleep, exercise, and meals. 
  1. Ask for help and accept it when it is offered. 
  1. Pamper yourself – think of yourself as your own best friend. 
  1. Plan something special to look forward to, whether that be an outing with loved ones or doing something new just for you. 

Each week in the lead up to Christmas, I will explore each of these natural solutions in depth so that you can approach the holidays with confidence, calm, and peace of mind knowing that you are equipped to survive and thrive this festive season. 

In my last blog post, I discussed the importance of asking for help and accepting it when it is offered to get through the Christmas rush with greater ease. Today, we’re looking at my final two top tips:

4. Pamper Yourself | 5. Plan Something Special to Look Forward to

If you’re becoming run-down by the demands of the festive season, be sure to set aside some time to rest and recharge. Give yourself permission to pamper yourself, extend the spirit of giving to yourself and you will feel so grateful for it.  

What feels relaxing and rejuvenating for you will differ from what feels so for someone else; the key thing is to tap into what your body and mind needs and to bring a bit of peace and replenishment to yourself. This may look like a luxurious day at a spa, or simply slipping off in the morning to enjoy some solitude while fishing. 

Importantly, pampering yourself does not need to be an expensive exercise. One way to indulge without splurging is to enjoy some quality time with someone close to you, where you take turns tending to each other. If both of you are comfortable doing so, you could take turns giving each other a neck massage, applying a face mask, or doing each other’s nails. If you’re in need of some me time, turning to a good book or some time in nature, whether a swim at the beach or a walk in the bush, are tried-and-true ways for you to refuel for free and in your own company. 

If you’re a parent and feel unable to step away from your kids, consider asking a friend to mind them for you so that you can have some needed time to yourself. By setting aside time for yourself, you will ultimately have more energy to give to your children; and by listening into and honouring your own needs, you are teaching them how to look after themselves in the future. Make it mutual, by offering to do the same for your friend when they need. 

My top pampering suggestions: 

  1. Do what personally feels relaxing for you. 
  1. Set-up a DIY pampering date with someone you’re close to. 
  1. Enjoy your own company. 
  1. Ask a friend to mind your kids for the afternoon, and then do the same for them. 

Another way to treat yourself is by planning something special to look forward to beyond festivities. Something personal, without a host of responsibilities, where you can truly relax and unwind. Something that feels personally rewarding and enjoyable for you. Some ideas to get you started are: 

  • Visiting a meditation retreat. 
  • A romantic get-away or staycation. 
  • Camping or glamping. 
  • A fishing trip. 
  • Horse riding, jet skiing, hiking, or kayaking. 
  • A day at the spa. 
  • A picnic in the park. 
  • Going to a gig or a festival. 
  • Having a nice dinner out. 
  • Adopting a pet. 
  • Enrolling in a course. 
  • Taking up a new hobby. 

Whatever it is, make it something truly special for you. 

Yours in wellness, 

Elisabetta Faenza | LeafCann CEO