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12 Steps Towards Positive Change in Your Life: Part 4

This time of year always prompts calls to make resolutions, define your ‘word’ for the year, create a vision board, give-up a bad habit, or pursue work-life balance. Regardless of what time of year you decide to make a change to improve your health, wealth, relationships or career, there are specific steps you’ll need to take to ensure success. This week, I’ll be sharing with you just that: 12 steps you can take for positive change in your life; developed through decades of experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and profiler. 

In Part 1, I introduced the value of leveraging your mindset, personality, and energy inputs for positive change in your life. In Part 2, we delved deeper into energy by exploring energy outputs, charges, and modes and how these affect the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. In Part 3, we focused on mindfulness, self-reflection, and the power of releasing yourself from old ways of thinking for greater peace and purpose in life. Today, in the final instalment of this series, we’re looking at openness, focus, and flow and what they mean for leading a positive life of fulfillment.  

Tip Ten: Openness  

Having released an old belief, stay open to possibility. Don’t fill the space with a new belief immediately. Take some time to discover what would serve you best and stay open to the clues that your life is giving you. By not foreclosing on a new belief too soon, you allow yourself the possibility to really feel into whether this new way of being is right for you. 

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Ideas Into Action: 

  1. Take time out to be inspired. Read a story that moves you, listen to a captivating podcast… Invest in growing your mind, heart, and perspective. 
  1. Stretch your limits by trying new things. Travel somewhere you’ve never been, take up a new sport, get started on that hobby you’ve been toying with… Dare to turn your dreams into reality. 
  1. Don’t fix on anything too soon, just allow yourself to experience new things and see what sticks… Give yourself permission to be in the moment, the rest will follow. 

Tip Eleven: Focus 

Once you have found your new passion, belief, or mindset, don’t hold onto it too tightly. Continue to cultivate openness in your life for new discoveries and transformations. Allow yourself to live with intention and focus in the present moment, embodying your new ideology and the practices that underpin it without being overzealous and losing a sense of balance. Have ‘fine and far focus’, such that you remain aware of the bigger picture in life while bringing your attention and energy to your new pursuit. 

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Ideas Into Action: 

  1. When you are engaged in your new passion, take the perspective of a movie screen – you have a wide focus that allows you to take everything in. 
  1. When you’re honing your attention in on something, imagine that you are zooming in on a section of the screen. You’re focused on a particular detail, but are still aware of the bigger picture; remaining aware of all the elements of the story and that it is still in motion. 

Tip Twelve: Flow 

Flow is the outcome of the previous eleven steps of this series for positive change in your life. It is what happens when our mindset, actions, energy, and values are aligned and in focus. When we are in a state of flow, time feels suspended and we experience a sense of mastery, clarity, and purpose in the present moment towards that which we are attending to. For example, tennis players describe being in a state of flow when they are at the top of their game, completely absorbed in a match and performing at their best. The crowds and distractions melt away, and all that’s left is the ball, the movements of their opponent, and a feeling of synchronicity between themselves and what’s happening on the court. 

Flow is possible when our energy mode is high and positively charged; when we live with presence, purpose, and passion. 

Ideas Into Action: 

  1. Identify, have you experienced flow in your life? The signs of flow include a feeling of time being suspended, a sense of mastery, clarity, and ease. 
  1. If you have experienced flow before, what were you doing when it happened? See if you can recreate those circumstances. This doesn’t necessarily mean doing the same thing again – you may not feel a sense of mastery in the present for the thing you used to feel fired up for. It’s more about recognising the things in the present that captivate you, and giving yourself more opportunities to engage with them. 
  1. Know that the opposite of flow is blockage, or a sense of feeling stuck, push-back, or resistance in life or to the task at hand. Blockage is a useful symptom, because it shows us that something is off. It is a symptom of when our mindset, actions, energy, and values are out of alignment. Becoming conscious of where we are blocked, and why, is a gift. It allows us to re-assess, re-adjust, and pivot towards flow. 

At the end of the day, everything is energy. Working with it, rather than against it, creates harmony in our life and supports our success. I sincerely hope this series of 12 steps towards positive change in your life has felt enriching and that it can serve as a companion for you as you create the life you wish to lead. 

Yours in wellness, 

Elisabetta Faenza | LeafCann CEO